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A Spirit of Gratitude

By Dr Jack Graham Any time I start feeling down, depleted, and tired, do you know what I do? I start praising Jesus! I start rejoicing in Jesus, that my sins are forgiven, that He’s given me His Word and His truth to guide me, that I have a future and a hope with Him. […]

A cup …

A cup is used quite often in the Bible to represent a person’s fate, a person’s destiny. The cup could be one of blessing or of judgement. Is your cup empty? Half full? Overflowing? In a place where water was scarce an overflowing cup implied abundance.


Rick Warren has said, ‘In ministry, private purity is the source of public power’.


Humility is an honest approach to the reality of our own lives and acknowledges that we are not more important than other people. Written by Abbot Christopher Jamison in his book ‘Finding Happiness: Monastic Steps for a Fulfilling Life’